Motivated by animation and perspective’s request for architect and real estate developer, I found nD-image to structurate my activity around the virtual reality headset technology. After one year study, the company provides modelisations and all mobile material necessary to practice the immersive virtual tour. Principal clients are real estate developer who use it to accelerate sales of apartments on plan. We translate 2D representation in volume which anybody can virtually live and understand like he was in.

The process has been automated to the maximum to get modelisation faster and use more hardware-power on the image quality. From architects’ 2D plan, we model walls in 3D and use homemade automatic script with Unreal Engine to insert doors, windows, furnitures, lights… consistent real estate developer’s standards. A computer briefcase has been developed to offer hardware capacity everywhere clients can be.

This project involved many areas: architecture, real estate development, economy of off-plan sales, hardware, computer software, marketing, …

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nD-Image – Thibaud Bronchart
Creation of an architectural representation agency


Development of VR products like a briefcase with high performance computer to display VR architectural representation