Considering the problem of rising water, this project put forward opening the reflection on the urban life confronted to these new climatic parameters.

This floating town is anchored in Maldives and try to give a revival as much as a survival solution. Historical islands become anchor, physical and cultural, for floating housing linked to a new urban life. From housing to airport or public place, this project describe each town essential part for a new departure in MalĂ©, Maldives’ capital.

This utopian project gathers my studies knowledges in naval architecture, urban design, material economy, structure, ecological awakeness, geopolitical problematic, …

To explore these issues, the project develops : a urban masterplan, a neighborhood type, a collective house, a model of floating town houses, an individual house, an airport, a sunken park …




Thesis project 2014

Presented to Jacques Rougerie Contest 2014