Childhood House

This public project is a school group’s extension in Boussy-Saint-Antoine (France) to accommodate extracurricular activities. It consists in many rooms which can host differents functions at differents times in the year : classroom, nap dormitory, library, dance hall, meeting room…

On a site forced by school playground and trees’ implantation, the building takes his shape from his constraints. Two volumes in two differents orientations guided by natural light made it like sundial, so that children can soak up the pace of sunshine over the hours and seasons. Same reflection guided the choice to make one color by room to help room’s localisation and functionality.

Structure is in crossed laminated wood, factory prefabricated to get a high timeliness, necessary in that kind of program. It allows a high precision on site and less construction reserves.



Extracurricular center in Boussy-Saint-Antoine (France)

Delivered in 2015

My role : assistance to site monitoring, construction details and interior design